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1 in 7 people are food insecure across the United States*. Now through January, a simple purchase YOU make can help your community.

We’re donating a portion of the profits from specially-marked bags of Ruby Sensation and Honey Gold potatoes to support your local Katie’s Krops grower. Katie’s Krops growers are a part of a non-profit organization empowering youth ages 9 – 16 all across the country to grow gardens and donate their fresh harvest to those in need.


What is Katie’s Krops?

Founded in 2008 by then 9 year-old Katie Stagliano, Katie’s Krops is a nonprofit that empowers children between 9 and 16 years old to grow their own gardens and donate their harvest to those in need in their communities.

Now 16 years old, Katie Stagliano continues to chase her dream of a youth-led garden in each state, which began when she grew a 40-pound cabbage and donated it to a local soup kitchen. In 2012, Katie even became the youngest ever recipient of the Clinton Global Citizen Award. Her philanthropic work is also featured in an upcoming documentary, The Starfish Throwers.

The flagship Katie’s Krops garden in South Carolina grows and donates 3,000 pounds of fresh produce annually. In just six years the organization has raised $200,000 to fund young volunteers who are currently running over 80 gardens in 31 states.


Is there a Katie’s Krops grower in your state?


What can I do to help?


Donate directly to Katie’s Krops. Each year, Katie’s Krops offers grants to start and maintain vegetable gardens feeding those in need. This is made possible with the support of donors and sponsors of all sizes. Click here to donate.

Apply for a Katie's Krops Grant

Apply for a Katie’s Krops grant. Youth ages 9 – 16 across the country are eligible to apply for a Katie’s Krops grant! Visit for more information.

Give Your Time

Give your time. Volunteer at a local food bank or soup kitchen. Find one near you at

Get Growing

Get growing. Donate your homegrown produce to a local food pantry!

Spread the Word

Spread the word. Click here to share the message on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

Cooking with a Cause

Three proud supporters of Katie’s Krops—Tasteful Selections, LoBue Citrus, Opal and W.P. Rawl, have teamed up to bring you a free e-cookbook featuring items that help fund the fight against hunger.

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