#RescuedMoments Accomplished with Simply Amazing Potatoes!

Life happens one moment at a time, and those moments are strung together with love, laughter and shared time together. Tasteful Selections bite-sized potatoes help you rescue more of those moments to share with family. With quick cook times, fantastic flavor, and consistent quality in every bag, these petite potatoes help you to complete your meal in less time with less prep. And, every potato is prewashed to save time! Now there’s only one thing left for you to do – rescue your moments!

Featured Recipe:

This delicious Italian Style Potato Salad is great for your next gathering. Watch our recipe video to learn about the quick prep and how to rescue your moments!

Time Saving Kitchen Hacks:

Rescue even more moments with these time-saving tips in your kitchen! Not sure what to do with all of those rescued moments? We’ve got you covered!

More Kitchen Tips:

Get rid of fruit flies by strategically placing open jars of apple cider vinegar near your fruit.

Keep potatoes on hand for quick & easy go-to meals! Potatoes can keep for weeks; cool, dark place 45-55-degrees.

Print this kitchen conversion chart & hang in a convenient location.

Break free from traditional cheddar cheese – try something new! We like Purple Passion roasted and topped with Monterey Jack!

Time to clean the grill! Preheat grill and rub half an onion all over with a tongs. It will clean and season your grill!

Thyme, Rosemary, Basil & Parsley go great with potatoes! Consider growing your own herb garden.

#RescuedMoments E-Cookbook



Plan your meals and rescue your moments with our new #RescuedMoments E-Cookbook available for download here.

Redeem Your Rescued Moments:


Take a Nap


Movie Night


Family Ice Cream Outing


Go Outside


Popcorn Party


Read a Book


Family Game


Watch a Sunset


Go for a Walk


Go for a Bike Ride

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