Celebrate 10 years of baby potato innovation with “My Tasteful Selections” Campaign

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Bite-size potato category leader launches new campaign to celebrate each year of its success

Welcome to 2020! The Tasteful Selections team is excited to share milestone news with retail and foodservice customers as well as consumers everywhere. Tasteful Selections is celebrating its 10-year anniversary! Through positive partnerships, dedication and hard work, Tasteful Selections has evolved to its market-leading position as a grower and domestic and international supplier of baby potatoes.

Over the next 10 months, consumers can join the celebration as Tasteful Selections revisits and celebrates each year of growth. Our team will provide the inside scoop of the Tasteful Selections journey — through personal stories, prizes and a special “10th Day Giveaway.”

Tasteful Selections January Prize

In the first month of the celebration, Tasteful Selection reflects on the partnerships that helped the company become what it is today. Throughout the 10-year campaign celebration, consumers have multiple chances to win bite-size potatoes and prizes! In the first month, consumers can win three prizes that can easily be a partner in the kitchen. Consumers could win an electronic fondue set to share with friends, an oil and vinegar infusion set to pair with their potatoes and an herb scissor set for any occasion. Tasteful Selections will also be launching the “10th-day Instagram Giveaway,” giving away free potatoes on the 10th of every month.

“As partners, we share the same goal of delivering our customers the freshest, highest quality bite-size potatoes through year-round production,” said Bob Bender, President and General Manager of Tasteful Selections. “Over the last 10 years, we have been fortunate enough to build the best team of individuals in the industry to help us carry out this challenge. We care deeply about the product you put on the table and we want it to be a positive and flavorful experience each and every time.”

In line with the partnership theme, Tasteful Selections will be working with a new partner in the kitchen —Michelle Smith from “The Whole Smiths.” Michelle joins the celebration by creating a new bite-size potato recipe for all to enjoy.

Help Tasteful Selections Celebrate 10 years, visit TastefulSelections.com for details.

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