Our baby potatoes are hand selected, small variety known for their flavoring, creamy textures and thin skins. We call them bite-size because they are best scaled to what the average person can bite when eating these delights.


Conveniently Clean

To save you time in the kitchen, our baby potatoes have been pre-washed; double and triple washed, depending on which product you have!

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No Need to Peel

Thin Skinned,
But NOT Thin on Taste!

There is no need to peel our baby potatoes before cooking and eating. In fact, the skins are naturally full of flavor and good for you too!

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Fast, Easy Prep

Meals in Minutes!

Because they are pre-washed, have no need to peel AND are consistently sized, the prep and cook time is minimal, making meals easier!

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Each bite-size potato is sized within five-millimeter increments of each other, making our baby potatoes among the most uniformed sized potatoes in the country, which means…

Faster, more consistent cook times for you!