Mini Sweet Potatoes

Creamy textures, delicious flavor. Tasteful Selections® fresh sweet potatoes provide creamy textures and delicious flavor that will leave you wanting more. Sweet potato comfort provided in smaller, faster cooking sizes is a win-win for all.

Our fresh sweet potatoes are available in a mesh bag. Don’t forget about the three flavors in our mini sweet potato Micro Trays!

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Tasteful Selections Mini Sweet Potatoes Mesh Nutrition Facts
Mesh Mini Sweet Potatoes
20oz (567g)
Tasteful Selections Mini Sweet Potatoes Mesh
#2 HDPE Recycling Symbol

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Look for Tasteful Selections® Mini & Petite Sweet Potatoes at your favorite grocery store or select items for pickup or delivery at a convenient time for you. Shop Now

What potato lovers are saying

The deeper Yellow flesh is better than the white

The ones I bought in December 2022 were delicious and had a deep yellow-colored flesh. I would rate these a 5+. The two bags I bought in January 2023 had a white flesh and were hard when cooked, even though I cooked them longer.

Tasty taters

These little baby potatoes are so good and soft…easy to eat and we seasoned with butter and seasoning salt…very tasty..I recommend

So buttery!

I coated these in olive oil, salt, and pepper and roasted them in the oven. My kids gobbled them up! They are so delicious and taste like a buttered potato. The family approves!


These are our preferred small potatoes. Roasted with butter and garlic and a few other seasonings. Tasted great and leftovers make a wonderful potato salad