Sustainability is more than just a word, it’s actions

These are just a few of the ways Tasteful Selections is working towards being sustainable stewards of the land.

Water Conservation

Leading-Edge Water Clarifying Systems

We have designed our operations to maximize our water efficiency.

As a company, we have cut down water waste by transitioning 2,000 acres from a flood irrigation system to linear irrigation. Linear irrigation is more efficient by irrigating up to 98 percent of the water in a more efficient and equally distributed manner. On top of efficiency, linear irrigation uses 60 percent less water.

The water used to wash our baby potatoes is recycled and reused

32 Million+ gallons of water recycled to date and counting

Enough to fill ~1,700+ average sized swimming pools!

Award graphicGreen-e® Certified

100% renewable electricity

Green-e® is a trusted global leader in clean energy and carbon offset certification.

Every Potato grown, packed, stored and sold by our farms is produced with 100% renewable electricity.

All production facilities and partner operations from which we source potatoes are using 100% renewable energy sources for our electricity.

We are the first and only Green-e certified produce supplier to do so.

The first and only Green-e® certified produce supplier

Grown & Packaged with 100% renewable electricity

Sustainable Packaging

Making recycling easier for you

How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to consumers. It involves a coalition of forward thinking brands who want their packaging to be recycled and are empowering consumers through concise packaging labels.

With the knowledge and well-depicted recycling information from How2Recycle, our packaging will now provide our consumers the best information to assist them in making informed choices regarding their bite-size potato packaging recyclability.

Organic Farming

Building a Sustainable Future

Tasteful Selection organic farming heavily impacts overall sustainability efforts in multiple ways:

  • Improves soil health
  • Prevents harmful chemicals from entering our water supply
  • Crop diversification
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

At Tasteful Selections, we take our role in sustainable food production seriously. Our state-of-the-art growing, production, and storage facilities are located in Arvin, CA (south of Bakersfield) in an area known for its rich farmland and year-round growing seasons. We strive to maintain our high standards of quality, flavor, freshness, size uniformity and best practices for sustainability. Planting and harvesting more than 300 days a year, we truly are…FIELD TO FORK FRESH

Field to Fork Fresh

Thousands of acres farmed organically each year


3.6 megawatt microgrid supplying clean power

A strategic move towards achieving energy independence and resilience while promoting sustainability. The microgrid is capable of supplying electricity equivalent to that needed for a small town or multiple prominent main streets across the U.S.

  • Generating our own energy, reducing reliance on traditional utility power sources.
  • Enhances our resilience against power outages or disruptions, maintaining continuous operations and avoiding costly interruptions.
  • Incorporating clean energy sources such as solar power. By relying on renewable energy, we can reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  • Integrates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize energy usage.

Generating our own energy, reducing reliance on traditional power sources

Clean and renewable energy such as solar power