Tasteful Selections® focuses on being a dedicated partner in the kitchen for next 10-year-anniversary celebration theme

Personal sized salad portions – July Campaign Graphic

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Tasteful Selections new campaign theme helps consumers get organized in the kitchen

Arvin, Calif. — Continuing its celebratory message, Tasteful Selections® as part of its 10-year anniversary campaign launches a new theme this month.

Bringing nutrition, convenience, flavor and versatility to everyday meals has always been a priority; in the newest theme of the campaign, Tasteful Selections is creating new ways to be a partner in the kitchen.

For July’s theme, Tasteful Selections is helping consumers “get organized” in the kitchen. “An easy way to make cooking simpler is having an organized kitchen”, said Tim Huffcutt, vice president of sales & marketing operations. “In this theme, we will be giving away prizes helping with organization, providing a downloadable shopping list and more.”

Dawn Nieves from A New DawnnTo bring another new, quick and easy meal to consumers, Tasteful Selections is eager to work with Dawn Nieves from A New Dawnn! As a mother of two, avid traveler and lifestyle blogger, Dawn knows all about the importance of simple and prepared meals.

In addition to a new recipe, consumers have the opportunity to win new prizes including a 24-piece set of glass storage containers, a label maker, lid organizer, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and FREE bite-size potatoes.

“We want to be more than just a reliable product,” Huffcutt said. “Whether we supply new recipes, cooking and storage tips, food pairing ideas or collaborating with one of a kind partners, we want to go above and beyond to make every experience with Tasteful Selections exceptional.”

Tasteful Selections also continues their “10th-day Instagram Giveaway,” giving away free potatoes to two lucky winners on the 10th of this and every month in 2020. Continue the celebration with Tasteful Selections and visit TastefulSelections.com.

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