5 Traditional Irish Recipes for St Patrick’s Day

Irish Potato Bread

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5 Traditional Irish Recipes for St Patrick’s Day

We’ve compiled 5 of our favorite traditional Irish potato recipes to help you celebrate on March 17th or any day of the year.  

Creamy yellow potatoes whipped together with butter, cream, garlic, kale, cabbage and green onions for a delicious and comforting side dish.

Slow braised corned beef, tender cabbage, buttery red potatoes, and aromatic vegetables simmered in beef broth and red ale.

Rustic and rich, this buttery and satisfying Irish Potato Bread is made with America’s favorite vegetable, potatoes!

A traditional Irish Potato Pancake recipe using baby potatoes. Great tasting and easy to prepare using creamer or baby potatoes.

Ground lamb and aromatic vegetables, slow simmered in a rich brown gravy, topped with silky smooth mashed potatoes flavored with aged Irish cheddar and chives.

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