The summer months are a perfect time to introduce your kids to the joys of cooking. With school out, there’s more time to spend together as a family, and the warm weather invites fresh, seasonal ingredients into the kitchen. Getting kids excited about cooking not only helps them develop practical skills but also fosters a love for healthy eating and creativity.

Here are some recipes from Tasteful Selections that are perfect for getting kids involved in the kitchen:

Garlic Ranch Roasted Potatoes

Why It’s Kid-Friendly: This recipe is a one-pan meal, making it easy to prepare and clean up. Kids can help with seasoning and arranging the ingredients on the sheet pan.

Chicken & Potato Tikka Masala

Why It’s Kid-Friendly: This one-dish meal is great for teaching kids about different spices and flavors. It’s a simple recipe that combines pre-cooked chicken and potatoes with a flavorful sauce.

Bacon & Potato Grilled Skewers

Why It’s Kid-Friendly: Skewering ingredients is a fun activity for kids, and they can help assemble the skewers. Plus, grilling is a great summer cooking method.

Crispy Potato Bombs

Why It’s Kid-Friendly: These bite-sized snacks are perfect for small hands and involve simple steps like mixing and scooping.

Cheesy Potato Nachos

Why It’s Kid-Friendly: Kids love nachos, and this recipe adds a fun twist with potatoes. It’s easy to customize with their favorite toppings.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Why It’s Kid-Friendly: This recipe is straightforward and involves fun, hands-on steps like smashing the potatoes. The use of baby potatoes makes it easy for little hands to manage.

Cooking with kids can be a delightful and educational experience. By choosing simple, engaging recipes, you can help your children develop a love for cooking that will benefit them for a lifetime. For more recipes, check out our full list here.

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