Father’s day ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Family cooking together in kitchen

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Here at Tasteful Selections®, we know that many memories are made in the kitchen. What better occasion to create family memories than celebrating dad. Whether breakfast in bed, an afternoon barbeque, or a family dinner, we have the recipes you need to show dad your appreciation. 

We’ve compiled some of our favorites that we’re sure dad will love.

Recipe for Candied Bacon Wrapped Grilled Potatoes made with baby potatoes

Bacon & Potato Grill Skewers

Put those grill skewers to use with one of our quick potato recipes on the grill to make an easy side dish for your next cookout.

Recipe for Breakfast Potato and Sausage Skillet made with baby potatoes

Skillet Sausage & Breakfast Potatoes

Customize this dish with all of dad’s favorite toppings. Make this breakfast potatoes recipe one of those one dish meals you keep coming back to.

Recipe for Campfire Potato Nachos made with fingerling potatoes

Campfire Potato Nachos

Most people don’t think of nachos when they hear the words “potato recipes” but we do! One dish meals like nachos are fun for the kids and perfect for grilling out at home or at the campsite.

Crispy Everything Potatoes recipe image

Everything Potatoes with Cream Cheese Sauce

This is a delicious all American everything baby potatoes recipe with a delicious cream cheese sauce the whole family will love.

Recipe for Roasted Potato Poutine made with baby potatoes (2)

Roasted Potato Poutine

Try this variation of a Canadian classic featuring cheese curds and roasted small potatoes. Best served with a cold, frothy beer.

Recipe for Spicy Cajun Seafood Boil made with baby red potatoes

Spicy Cajun Seafood Boil

The perfect party dish for anyone who loves hot and spicy foods.  A fun way to enjoy a picnic with the entire family.

Recipe for Flame-Licked Fingerlings

Flame-Licked Fingerlings

The perfect side dish for any grilled meal.  A paprika Spud Rub sets this apart from other quick potato recipes.

Italian Skewers recipe made with baby potatoes

Italian Skewers

A quick and easy recipe perfect for grilling season.  Customize with dad’s favorite sausage, and let the kids help with assembling the skewers.

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